Your Healthcare Defense Team


How do I use CareGuide?

Call now! We will connect you with your own personal CareGuide advocate. We have advocates waiting 24/7/365 to lead you on your healthcare journey.

When can I use CareGuide?

Right now! Be sure to call our CareGuide prior to any healthcare services. At CGA we do the heavy lifting to ensure you don’t overpay for healthcare. From start to finish, CGA is here for you.

My medical debt/claims are old – can you still help?

Yes! Call today with any outstanding medical debt and/or claims. CGA is here to take the medical debt burden off your back.

Will there be any additional fees for CareGuide services?

No! All our services are covered under your monthly membership cost. Pricing transparency is what CGA fights for.

Is this insurance?

No, this is not an insurance product.

Will CareGuide work if I have insurance?

CareGuide is for everyone! CGA is here to make sure you are never fighting a medical bill alone again.

How much do the services cost? Are there any additional fees?

Since you received this email, you currently have open access to our CareGuide team! They are eagerly waiting to assist you with navigating your healthcare needs. These services are included and unlimited.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

CareGuide is equally beneficial to those with or without insurance!

Can you help me with Financial Assistance?

Yes! Our team can walk you through every step of qualifying for financial assistance. From letting you know if you qualify, filling out and reviewing the application to potentially getting your hospital bill completely erased!

How do I get my prescriptions?

Call us first at (888) 221-1140 opt. 2 to get your prescription at the best price. We’ll coordinate directly with the pharmacy of your choice.