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Fifty-seven percent of American adults have been surprised by a medical bill that they thought would have been covered by insurance, according to the University of Chicago NORC Survey.

In our American healthcare system there have historically only two types of people: those who have received a surprise medical bill, and those who are going to get a surprise medical bill.

CareGuide has changed the game with a third option: a helping hand to protect you both before and after your care to ensure you're finding affordable prices.

The Tale of Two Patients: Click to Watch


  1. You don't want to get a surprise medical bill
  2. You don't understand your medical bill
  3. You can't afford your medical bill
  4. Hospital harassment and being threatened with being sent to collections
  5. You want someone to take over and fight the hospital bill to a final resolution

One number. full service.

No apps. No logins. Reach a real life, world class CareGuide Advocate to have them tell you where to go for affordable care or take on the fight against the high cost hospital bills. Our experienced advocates are by your side as they utilize our proprietary technology and price transparency tools.


Using our proprietary, data-driven mapping tool, we can find and confirm low-cost providers by zip code for the most common routine care, such as blood work, imaging, out patient surgery, and more. Click the map icon to watch a short video on the CareGuide Money Map.



Know specific care costs before stepping in the door. We make sure our members are not the next victims of the broken billing process in the medical industry today by utilizing our proprietary medical code database with actual pricing across the country for over 16,000 health care services and procedures. Click the dollar sign icon to watch a short video on the CareGuide Pricing Portal.

Hospital Bill Eraser

By mapping out the financial assistance programs of 5,000+ U.S. hospitals, Hospital Bill Eraser by CareGuide allows our team to direct you to an affordable hospital before you get hit with a surprise bill. And for those unexpected out-of-network and emergency bills, we use a proprietary analytical process, as well as statutorily-required financial assistance programs, to reduce and sometimes even eliminate, overpriced, error-filled hospital bills. Click the hospital icon to watch a short video on the CareGuide Hospital Bill Eraser.


member Claim SUBMISSION Portal

Have a hospital bill? Is the total amount due about to send you back for more care?

For current CareGuide members, click here to access our easy claim submission portal, enter your Case ID, and let us get to work.

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